The Bi-Daily Something?!

So this is a first for me, two posts in one day, but I have to point this out now.

Read this. Digest. Come back.

Ready? Good.

I was going to write my Pirates post for today, and then when the news broke yesterday I was going to write about Ortiz and Manny, and then I got fed up with it and re-decided to run with the Pirates post.

Craig has written exactly what I would have, only approximately a thousand times more clearly and convincingly. The idea that these leaks are going to keep happening so we should just end the silliness and release all the names now is kind of like criticizing the Pirates for trading their average players; while the sentiment is somewhat understandable, it’s completely and totally wrong.

What needs to happen is the opposite–investigate this. Find those spineless unnamed attorneys who have access to the list and are violating a court order and making a mockery of the various codes of ethics to which they’re bound by releasing these names, and prosecute them as severely as possible. Need attention from somebody? Need a quick buck? Well, now you’ve got your wish: you can become widely known as that one ex-lawyer who now sells crack in the alley, because you’ve forfeited your right to practice law (not to mention your dignity, etc.).

Totally legit to be disappointed in Ortiz, if you’re so inclined. But if you’re feeling shocked, and outraged, and angry? Save that for these faceless low-lifes, not Papi.

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