My Favorite Thing Today: pants

So things are going to be light here for a few days. Real light. And it might be more like ten days. I’m sure I’m overreacting to some degree, but I feel like I could work 48 hours a day for the next week and still not get done everything I need to get done.

So in lieu of my own posts, unless and until I have something I just really need to say, I’m going to link to one thing somewhere in the tangled series of tubes that I really like. And I’m going to go off the map a little bit — I assume that everyone who reads this blog is also reading Lar, Jason, Mark, Josh, etc. every day (and my other blogger friends whenever they get around to posting) like good little boys and girls.

My favorite thing today isn’t even about baseball; I promise I won’t make a habit of that. But as it turns out, a guy I was playing a lot of softball with in law school not so very long ago is now freelancing for ESPN’s Page 2, and yesterday he posted a story that I thought was really clever and pretty funny: walking a mile in John Daly’s pants. It’s on the front page of Page 2 as I type this, so it’s not “off the map” to most of the sports-loving world, but I kind of doubt I get a lot of overlap with the Page 2 crowd. So, if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should.

So that’s it! Incidentally, don’t ever search for John Daly images at work. I didn’t, thankfully, but, well, just don’t…

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