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"Maybe it’s a tumor." "IT’S NAHT A TOOOMAH!!!"

May 21, 2009


Wednesday afternoon, and it’s the weirdest thing: the entire T-D-S editorial staff comes down with an illness that is either (a) a really bad, late-season flu or (b) Intermittent Dysmorphic Attachment Dysfunction with Smelly Feet (IDADWSF). It’s bad, whatever it is.

So the planned epic response to the very thoughtful post from tHeMARksMiTh that I mentioned yesterday (the draft in my head is tentatively titled “IN DEFENSE OF COMPASSIONATE (ButStaunchAndUnwavering) SABERMETRICISM”) will be on hold for at least one more day. Instead, I’ll just say this:

Craig Breslow, we hardly knew ye.

I know, he was horrible for 14 or so innings this season. But he was great for 40 or so innings last season. And he went to Yale. (No, I don’t know what that has to do with it.) And he figures to be better, right now, than 25 year-old AA pitcher and marginal prospect Anthony Swarzak. Whatever the solution to the Twins’ bullpen woes was, dropping one of the few relievers who was likely to improve (unlike, say, Luis Ayala) wasn’t part of that solution.

For more, refer to ubelmann.

/ staggers off to bed