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Gammons talks about Vote for Manny, kind of, I think

May 31, 2009

Peter Gammons’ latest is a real doozy. I have respect for Gammons, but I try not to read his stuff anymore, because so much of it is weird rambling speculative stuff like this.

He rambles a bit about Manny and the all-star voting thing, and speculates crazily about the distraction Manny is causing, what he should do, and so forth, including passing a weird half-judgment on the whole vote for Manny thing. Frankly, it’s just odd. Luckily, he gets pretty quickly on to the Padres, and Juston Upton, and some other stuff. But before that, he laments that Manny is taking attention away from the Dodgers’ real stories, like “James Loney‘s RBI total or The Juan Pierre .400.”

Yes. It’s a shame we’re spending all this time talking about things just because they’re “interesting,” when in the meantime there’s a first baseman with a 90 OPS+ who happens to have lucked into a bunch of RBIs and a left fielder with an 85 career OPS+ who’s had 40 pretty lucky games.

Look, Manny’s the story because Manny is interesting. Without him, the Dodgers are still awfully good, but boring as hell. And I see no reason at all for anybody to start talking about James Loney…