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My Favorite Thing Today: two great Joes collide

August 16, 2009

Staying very much on the map for this one, because two of my very favorite things in the world came together in a beautiful way yesterday: Joes Posnanski and Mauer.

If you’re like me (and let’s face it, most of you are), you’ve probably at least skimmed past that post in your feed already (as much as I love Poz, I find that I just don’t have the stamina to always read the 10k or so words he writes every other day or so, much as I try), but it’s definitely worth a serious look. You’ll read a lot on here for the next three or four months about how great Mauer is, how Mauer is clearly deserving of the MVP award, and then how Mauer got completely screwed out of that same MVP award. But Joe, of course, puts it a lot better than I ever will.

Sigh. Gonna be another frustrating award-announcing season, I think.