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Hey…are you smelling utter failure right now? ‘Cause I am.

July 3, 2009

Oh, never mind, it must just be these guys!!
I don’t really want to analyze what’s going wrong, because I had a really long day at work today, and I’m not really up for depressing myself. Their defense is terrible. Their hitters not named Dunn, Johnson, Zimmerman and Guzman are terrible. Their pitching is…well, it’s really not fair to grade their pitching when they’ve got that defense to contend with.

Just for fun, through 76 games:

Team Year W L Pct. RDiff
Nationals 2009 22 54 .289 -104
Tigers 2003 18 58 .237 -156
Mets 1962 21 55 .276 -146

So, I guess the good news is that they’re way, way up on those other two in run differential, which makes their expected(/Pythagorean) record seven games better than their actual record. But when the good news is that you’re playing like a .382 team (which would still make them the worst team in baseball)…well. And of course the bad news is that their real record is one game ahead of the 1962 Mets.

I was going to go on and talk about the Milledge-for-Morgan trade and everything, but that’s been talked to death and I don’t really have anything to add except that I pretty much think the opposite of this.

The Nationals are really, really terrible. And they might actually keep getting worse; the Phillies and Mets figure to play better than they are now, and the Nats might have some pieces to sell off. And we might be hearing a lot more about the ’03 Tigers and ’62 Mets as this loooooooooong summer in the Capitol wears on.